About Us

 Canadian Immigration is exciting, challenging and very dynamic. There are many ways to migrate and be part of Canadian Society through different Canada Visa options. With the Experience of  years in Immigration and Consultancy field, allow us to advise you with the best visa options to visit or make Canada your home. You are looking for Express entry , family class or Business Visa, we are available. Contact Us and open up a whole new world of opportunities. 

How can we help in your Canadian Immigration Dream

We recognized the issue that immigration law is always changing and difficult to navigate. The information available online is also overwhelming and contradictory. To solve this problem, we have brought the expertise to your fingertips and have made the process personal and took intimidation out of the equation!

Having access to an Authorized Immigration Consultant should be as easy as requesting a ride from your favorite app. That is why we bring you the “Intimidation Free Consultation”, so you clearly know what your options are.

We can help you with Work, Tourist, Student, Family and Business Visas. We also specialize in addressing Visa Refusal Cases and Appeals. 

Why Choose Canwise Immigration

Transparency, Honesty and Professionalism are the three words which can define us. At CanWise Immigration we believe that when you engage an immigration consultant, it is your right to know things such as what your options are, do you qualify, what your chances look like and having those so many unique questions that apply to your specific case answered clearly. 

We understand not only the importance of your immigration dream, but also how to build a successful case! Let us help you make your case stand out when it lands on a government official’s desk, for all the right reasons.  Pardeep Goel, is our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant who has experience of many years in Immigration and guiding people. 

Our Accreditation

Pardeep Goel. RCIC (R526919)

 To see if an RCIC you are considering is in good standing with the ICCRC. Check out