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    Study in Canada – Get your Canada Student Visa and Study Permit

     With exceptional word-class facilities, studying in Canadian Universities and Colleges can help provide you with  top-notch educational qualifications and an enriching career. To study in Canada, you must acquire a Canada Student Visa.

    In case program or course is less than six months in duration, you may be eligible to study without a study permit.

    Eligibility requirements for a Canada Student Visa and Study Permit

    • The Canadian University or Canadian Colleges must be recognized as a Designated Learning Institution with a valid DLI number to get Study visa for your dream of study abroad
    • Your current financial status must be able to pay for tuition fees, living expenses and return transportation to home country once your course is complete
    • Ability to prove your intention to leave Canada within the authorized period of stay 
    • Police Clearance Certificate from home country (if required)
    • Medical Examination (If required)

    Do I need a Visa to enter Canada too?

     If you come from a visa-exempt country (e.g. the United States) you will not require a separate Student Visa to enter Canada. You will only need a Study Permit which can be obtained at the nearest Visa Office or at the Port of Entry.

    If you come from a country which requires an entry visa (e.g. India) you will have to secure both a Canada Student Visa and a  Study Permit.

    What can I do when my course has ended?

    When your course ends it does not necessarily mean that your journey within Canada has ended. Under normal circumstances, the Canadian Government issues work permits after completion of your graduate or post graduate degree from a participating institution for up to 3 years. This helps outgoing students work towards earning valuable Canadian experience, paying off their education loans or even exploring the Canadian job market for permanent settlement.

    For those wishing to remain in Canada and immigrate permanently, they can apply for immigration under a program known as Canadian Experience Class or Quebec Experience Class. 

    How can we help?

    Our experts at CWIS can help you by:

    • Conducting a FREE Assessment and determining your eligibility for a Canada Study Permit
    • Suggest a customised action plan towards achieving your education goals in Canada
    • Facilitating the Student Visa and Study Permit Application Process
    • We have tie ups with more than 200+ Canadian Colleges and Institute and can help to find right course and colleg